Weight Watchers: A Whole New Lifestyle

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I have never been overweight per se, but I have always been the type to try extreme, fad diets when I thought I was gaining weight. So, when my friend wanted to join Weight Watchers, I volunteered to go with her. Without knowing it, we were embarking on a whole new lifestyle.

I was a little bit surprised at the first meeting by the cost. At the time it was $12 a week. There was a joining fee, but we managed to avoid that since there was a special going on. Still, $12 dollars a week seemed pricey to me.

The first part of the meeting was for weighing in, which I thought would be a little awkward in front of so many people, but it wasn’t. They had the weigh in set up so that no one but you or the Weight Watchers employee could see your weight, which made me feel a little better. Not that I really had a lot to hide, but I have always been bashful about weight issues.

 Weight Watchers

Next we were given our information and sat through a meeting. The meeting was very inspiring. People shared tips, recipes, new snacks and talked about their successes. After the meeting, our instructor sat down with my friend and I and explained the plan.

It seemed easy enough and I left the first meeting knowing how many points I was allowed to eat a day, knowing how to figure out the point value for different foods and knowing my weight loss goal.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, that first week was a challenge. I found that I had to measure EVERYTHING I ate and that, what I thought was one serving, was more like two or three servings. And then there was the water. I swear I went to the restroom three times an hour.

Somehow, though, I managed to stay within my points for the week, I ate all the fruit and vegetables, and drank all the water. Guess what? At the next meeting I had lost three pounds. Not bad for someone who didn’t really think they needed to lose weight. My friend lost too and we were both motivated to stick with it.

It got easier. I started to remember the point values for foods, so I didn’t have to look them up all the time. I figured out that if I planned ahead and knew what I was going to eat for the day I was less likely to go over my points. Slowly Weight Watchers taught us how to work out, how to use their FlexPoints and other tricks of the trade.

Most importantly, I slowly lost 18 pounds over four months. It wasn’t an instant fix, and it did take a lot of dedication, but I was so proud of myself when I met my goal.

I was able to maintain my goal and become a lifetime member. Becoming a lifetime member was great, it meant that I no longer had to pay for meetings and I no longer had to go to meetings every week. They taught me how to maintain my weight by adding the right amount of points back into my diet and I was able to make it work for me.

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I have been a lifetime member for over a year now and still loosely follow the plan. As a lifetime member, I am required to weigh in once a month and if I don’t I have to pay the $12 fee, or if I weigh in over my goal weight I have to pay the $12 fee until I am back to my goal weight.

If I feel like I am gaining weight, I keep track of my points for a while. But otherwise I have been comfortable in the fact that I don’t have to worry about my weight anymore and I feel healthier than I have ever remembered feeling. My friend is also a lifetime member and we truly bonded over going to the meetings together, exercising together and learning a new lifestyle.

Overall, Weight Watchers was one of the best investments I made with my time and money. It is a tool I will use for life. There is no more yo-yo dieting, I simply don’t need to. I have learned invaluable lessons to help me live a healthier life. If you want to get even better results, try this supplement with WW: https://www.mypillapp.com/phenq-review/.