The Disappearing Waist – Day 5, Week 1

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Well, today was the first day that I actually had a really tough time staying on track. It’s a darn good thing I’m a stubborn mule, or I could have been in real trouble today. My Achilles heel today was I had a hankering to snack. Of course I didn’t do it, but the urge was so strong I thought I was going to go nuts.

I have an extra special variable that not all dieters have – I am taking a drug called prednisone, which is the ultimate “munchy” drug. There are many awful side effects that come with prednisone. If you were to search for side effects of prednisone, you will see this particular side effect described politely as “increased appetite.”

Other times, you see the side effect posted honestly as “ravenous appetite”. This is an understatement of what I felt this evening.

side effects

I have found on the most part, since I’ve started this program, that I have not been hungry. I think a part of it is simply because I was gung ho, it was new, exciting and I spent all my spare time reading and re-reading the manual.

Today, I am still gung ho, and I still have my “pig-headed determination”. However, I came home from work, made dinner, and I watched Rich, my boyfriend, sitting at his computer addressing some emails, drinking a pop, and eating some peanut-covered M amp; M`s and it took all the determination I could muster to pretend I didn’t care.

I actually started a silent negotiation with myself over this. I tried to figure exactly how far off my program I would be, if I just had one, tiny little M amp; M. Not two. Not a handful. Just one – to get it out of my system.

Well, in 39 years, I have never had one of anything sweet, unless there was only one left.


I somehow managed to get through to my 8:30 p.m. snack without cheating myself, or pummelling Rich for that bright yellow bag of heaven.

I dodged the bullet this time and won the silent negotiation. I figured if I really needed incentive, all I needed to do was walk up to the full-length mirror and turn around and take a look at my size 12 jeans, that are sitting neatly about a foot underneath a small roll of back fat under my bra.

That, my friends, is my answer to the question. The answer is definitely Yes, one tiny M amp; M really throw me off my program.

Carrie = 1

M amp; Ms = 0