Hard Pressed Conditioning

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When performed properly, our regular strength workouts provide more than enough cardiovascular conditioning in terms of health. And because cardiovascular conditioning alone is not the primary answer to most fitness goals, we focus on strength training with a pace that provides cardiovascular improvement. Strength training’s ability to improve cardiovascular health does not mean that cardiovascular activity by itself cannot be additionally beneficial. At a minimum, improved heart and lung function will help you get through your lifts with less rest between exercises and recover faster once you are finished. The added activity could also help better you to maintain a healthy bodyweight.

We understand that many of our clients would like to do more cardio or already do so at another facility. Our goal is to help up the intensity in order to make it more productive and time effective. Having the appointment will commit you to do it, and we will be sure it is done in a much more intense and progressive way than you ever would alone or would at a different facility.

At health clubs, many people simply jump on cardiovascular machine and read the paper or watch the news – which is perfectly fine but not nearly intense enough to maximize results. Intense cardio classes like spinning provide intensity, but the drawbacks can include the loud instructor “pepping it up” over a microphone, blasting music playing in the background, and having to workout at their specific start and end time.

By interval training at Hard Pressed, you will be able to further condition your heart and lungs without the muscle weakening effect associated with regular aerobic training (continuous, longer duration, low intensity exercise w/ gradual increase of heart rate). Interval training provides periods of low, medium, and high-intensity interspersed with rest periods. Cardiovascular training this way allows enough muscular recovery to not negatively affect strength, and keeps the need for oxygen at a very high level

As a former athlete, interval training is not only the type of conditioning I am most familiar with, but also the type of training I’ve yielded the best results from over the years. While this form of conditioning is a must when training for various athletic sports, it serves as a great benefit to anyone. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is to begin. Interval cardio training will allow us to be very consistent with the intensity level and philosophy of our program at Hard Pressed. Interval training is by no means the only way to achieve great cardiovascular fitness, but it is a highly effective strategy considering our program model and the equipment we utilize.

In designing the conditioning program, we wanted to be very efficient with your time and insure optimum productivity for your workouts without sacrificing the standard of care in terms of safety and addressing individual needs. Our objective is to give you guidance by supplying workouts and giving you feedback on the results. Once you are comfortable with the setup, there is no real need for us to stand there and cheer you on every minute. If one of us is free we will certainly help out and if certain times become in-demand we might station someone there regularly.

It is recommended that you wear a heart rate monitor. If you already own one, wear it. If you do not you can borrow one of ours.

We have three apparati (bike, stepmill, and treadmill) will allow us to cater to preference, injuries or discomforts, and progression of various programs. Similar to our strength program, individual charts will be available to keep record of your progression on a given program.

Step Mill

  • Extremely challenging cardiovascularly
  • Minimum joint impact
  • Adaptable for all fitness levels
  • Great option for those who prefer not to run or bike


  • Has a more road bicycle feel than any other stationary bike road bike
  • Extremely adaptable to individual high and body type
  • Air and magnetic braking systems allow for quick turnaround time between sets of low intensity recovery riding and maximal intensity sprints.
  • Extremely joint friendly for those with back or knee issues

Woodway Curve Treadmill

  • Estimated to burn 30% more calories than a traditional treadmill.
  • Motor-less design requires more power output by user
  • Feels like running on ground
  • Individual controls the pace allowing for greater leg and core development

You can book an apparatus the same way you book a trainer. We have 15 minute and 30 minute options available. For those of you looking to use a machine before or after your strength workout, we suggests the 15 minute option. For those of you looking to come in on a separate day, choose the 30 minute option (or 15 if you are pressed for time).

It will cost $8.75 per 15 minutes ($17.50) per half-hour. Machines are first come first serve online or can be reserved through our membership options.