I have injuries–how safe is it for me to workout?

We are able to adapt workouts to virtually any injury. We have a variety of machines and modalities that allow us to modify your workouts around any affected joint.


What is the difference between Hardpressed Strength and Hardpressed Conditioning? 

Hardpressed Strength is all one-on-one strength based workouts that have a cardiovascular component due to the pace between exercise.

Hardpressed Conditioning is small group classes that are cardiovascular based workouts with some strength movements incorporated.

Both workouts are efficient and challenging.


I’ve never been to Hardpressed before. How do I start? 

For classes, go to our class schedule page and hit the “sign up” button for the class day/time that interests you. You will then be taken to our Mindbody scheduling page and prompted to register. You can then choose one our introductory offers to get started.

For strength training, go to the home page and from the right column, select either the “4 for $99 Intro Package” or the “Single Intro Session” from the dropdown. Search for and then select the day/time/instructor you prefer. You will then be taken to our Mindbody software to complete to booing process.


I have never picked up a weight in my entire life–are you going to crush me?

No we do not aim to train you as hard as possible on day 1. We have a process for easing clients, especially those who have never strength trained before, into our training system.

The workout will feel like a challenge from the start and you can expect to get sore from the first few workouts, but you should not be totally debilitated. We will build you into training harder as you go.

 I lift weights all the time – how challenging can this really be for me?

 We will crush you, if that is what you are capable of and want to do. We love training people hard. It is in our name for a reason.

Can I really get a complete strength workout in 30-minutes?

Yes. There are a ton of inefficiencies at your typical gym. From having to load to unloading weight by yourself to getting on the piece of equipment you need without having to wait, strength training efficiently is impossible without the set-up we have at Hardpressed.